Licenseand Permits:Firearms hunting license and Private Land Muzzleloader Deer Permit. Consider Dustin Huffs typical whitetail that scores 211-4/8 points. The Wildlife Division asks that if hunters come across a collared deer during the hunting season, that they should hunt as they normally do intentionally targeting collared deer or passing on them biases the mortality data. This is Coues (pronounced cows) deer country, too, and both typical and non-typical categories show promise. Persons rejected for a lottery permit may obtain a state land no-lottery permit. ** Special Requirements: To apply for Areas 58, 64, 66, and 67, hunters must be at least 18 years of age. If either one of those species happens to be your jam, then Oregon holds the best book potential for your money. Three years later, Jon G. Moss shot the state's largest non-typical (and the 49th largest overall) in Perry County. The 14th biggest all-time non-typical, the Wesley O'Brien buck, was taken in Richardson County in 2009. 3,053. When the animal is alarmed, the tail is raised Wire Contributors to this thread: NE Taxidermy 11-Sep-13. Close on its heels is Warren County just south of Des Moines. If there ever was a sleeper state for whitetail deer, Indiana might be it. Not only that but it's also home to the storied Coues whitetail. Ornamentals that are unpalatable to deer should be manicured suburban environments and the clearing of forests for timber harvest and No infected deer were reported in 2018 or 2019; however, in 2020 one deer tested positive for EHD in Ridgefield, with approximately 20 or more found in the surrounding areas near water bodies, indicating they may have died from EHD. Persons rejected in the archery-only lottery may hunt any state or controlled hunt area that is open to bowhunting. and condition of the doe. This regulation prohibits hunters from transporting into Connecticut any deer or elk carcasses or part thereof from any state where CWD has been documented, unless the meat has been de-boned. at a level compatible with the habitat and farming interests. Note: Revolver Deer Endorsement is also required if using a revolver. The beast was tagged in 2006. Read more about that here. But if you want to hunt a potential record-book deer there, you have to Home to Yale and a number of very smart whitetail deer, Connecticut offers liberal seasons Lets just say that whitetail deer hunting isnt exactly what Connecticuts known for. More importantly, while quality deer management and trophy management are not the same thing, having a balanced age structure (and bigger bucks) does translate to a healthier deer herd. That number includes about 12,000 bowhunters who registered 3,000 deer. Maine has more typical whitetails in the books than any other northeastern state. Deer in Connecticut primarily eat plants and nuts, but they will also eat insects, fruits, and fungi. During the entire season, deer harvests must be reported via the Department's, All turkeys and deer taken during other periods must be reported within 24 hours via theDEEP's, If you report by telephone, you will need to know the 3-digit number code of the town in which the animal was harvested. With more freshwater shoreline than any other state, Michigan offers up some of the best fishing for walleye, bass, pike, and muskie. Believe it! Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Thats not a bad thing. R. Hale 11-Sep-13. You heard it here first. The largest Vermont typical was found dead; it was picked up in 1971 in Rutland County. The largest Kentucky non-typical was picked up four years later in Henry County. Many of those top 10 entries are from the past few decades. In 2003, Eddie Kinney took the largest Colorado typical ever, in El Paso County. (Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties), (Middlesex, New London, Tolland, and Windham Counties), Mansfield Hollow State-leased WMA (excluding State Park and Field Trial Area). Bowhunters may remove fluorescent orange clothing while in a tree stand at least 10 feet off the ground. Arrowheads that are designed to open on impact are legal provided they meet the above requirement. 71 overall. Only one of the antlered deer may be taken in Zone 3 (Prudence Island). Bag Limits:2 either sex and 2 antlerless; hunters will use the archery deer permit tags. Go back to this Tagging and Reporting webpage; select the Review Reports button; and enter the required information. Rocky Mountain Goat Greg Schweiss and his record South Dakota goat. Hunters should look to Aroostook County in the very northern tip of the state for the best shot at record-book game. EHD is transmitted by tiny biting flies (midges). Legal Firearms:12, 16, or 20 gauge breech loading shotgun loaded with single soft alloy projectile ammunition. The panhandle features pronghorn hunting with a 2018 entry that scores more than 82 points. venison and deerskins, market hunting, and a general loss of deer habitat caused by in. Deer decoys during the early and late archery seasons only. It's currently in the possession of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, and it is the 21st largest typical in the world. #1. All archery deer hunting on Sundays must take place at least 40 yards away from blazed hiking trails. They all have a story. In Connecticut, twins are common and triplets and quadruplets Deer hunting is robust with more than 100,000 deer being taken there in 2021 alone. Weight:Males: 150 pounds (average); heavier weights are not uncommon; females: average 110 pounds. against saplings to remove the velvet in preparation for the rut. Population Reduction: Farmers who are experiencing deer damage Arkansas is known for world-class duck hunting, but that doesnt mean you should overlook its deer and bear hunting opportunities. When you hear Nebraska, what do you think? Numerous bruins have been added to the records in the past 15 years. The famous James Jordon buck is the second largest of its kind, and it was killed in Burnett County in 1914. The current archery state record for non-typical whitetails is a buck scoring 201-7/8 inches that was shot in 2000 by Henry M. Konow Jr. Connecticut is not a state that produces a lot of. 12/99), font size, Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, 2023 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, State-managed Dog Training and Field Trial Areas, Description of legal bows and arrows for deer hunting, state land lottery permit or a controlled hunt area lottery permit, Instructions for applying for deer lottery permits, Instructions for purchasing unsold lottery permits, Hunting Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, Connecticut, along with many other states, has taken measures to prevent the spread of. Their summer coat is In Connecticut, the peak of the rutting Specific wording of the regulation follows: Section 26-55-4: No person shall import or possess whole carcasses or parts thereof of any deer, moose, or elk from wild or captive herds from other states or Canadian Provinces where chronic wasting disease has been confirmed, including, but not limited to, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New York, West Virginia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Small Claims Cases Filed Before 9/1/17. cultural and habitat carrying capacities. His Graceland estate sits in Shelby County, which according to the Boone and Crockett Clubs County Search Tool , holds a number of the states record-book whitetail deer entries. Beard of a juvenile male turkey is shorter than 6 inches. be erected around individual ornamentals or other plants you might wish to protect from Details on permits to bowhunt on Aquarion Water Company Property. Theyre starting to grow very, very large! In the meantime, congrats to the hunter! 33 overall, the state-record non-typical was shot in 1974 by Mitchell Vakoch in Norman County. If you thought western Maryland was the place to kill a record-book whitetail deer, then youd be wrong. The record Mississippi typical hails from Adams County, and was tagged by James Saunders in 2011. Males are generally larger than females. There, counties like Coahoma, the states top trophy producer, wait for you to take advantage of its Southern charm. Telescopic sights and shotgun converters are permitted for muzzleloaders. All sales are final and DEEP is unable to switch hunting areas or refund fees. The use of portable tree stands (climber, ladder, or hang-on) is permissible. season is the last two weeks in November. The winter coat is He captured last year's 15U crown and won the 12U title in 2019. The big typical whitetail deer made the records many, many years ago. Applicants may apply for up to six areas. Nobody is saying the state is living in the past, but according to the records, Minnesota just isnt producing record bucks these days. It just took more than 70 years for anyone to notice. There have been a lot of big southern bucks taken over the years, too, but as you'll see on this list, some states' record holders put other states to shame. Adult males have spreading, branching antlers. Homer Boylan took the non-typical record in the same county, in the same year. But do be careful. The state has seen some real whoppers since 2000, including one non-typical that scored 295-3/8 in 2006. Before reporting your harvest, make sure you have all of the information you need to accurately make your report. Tucker's non-typical buck scored 315-1/8 inches and is the new state record as well as #4 on the All-time list. And yes, there are elk there, and a number of them are well north of the 400 mark. You should be able to view your profile to see if the harvest report was recorded and get the confirmation number if it was (there may be a short lag time before the report shows up). No other deer from the state comes close. Of course, whitetails still reign supreme and Brian Butchers non-typical that scored 321-3/8 is the cherry on top. Since then, there have been more than a few entries over the 250 mark. Hunters interested in donating deer heads for testing should keep the heads cool (not frozen) and arrange for them to be picked up by contacting Nathan Sajkowicz, Contractor with the Wildlife Management Institute at the CT DEEP Wildlife Division at860-418-5989(more info about CWD). contributed to a slow but steady rebound in deer numbers. Note:Antlerless deer harvested in other zones may be brought to a check station for the purpose of receiving replacement tags; however, the replacement tags (both Antlerless and Earn-a-buck) mayONLY be used in zones 11 or 12(more info). the dwindling deer resource, plus the improvement in deer habitat as farms were abandoned, Montgomery County, though, is the big winner with the most book entries of the states counties. Deer Friendly - Connecticut Connecticut Deer: A state estimate in 2021 for a three year average deer population of 101,000. Not surprisingly, Arizona is home to a number of desert-dwelling, record-book entries. 53 overall in its category. It ranks No. There is one buck that stands alone. Subscribe to Buckmasters today at the lowest price offered - Get a 1 Year Subscription Package for only $24.95. Human . A lot has changed in the bow hunting world in the last 50 years, but the Pope & Young record whitetail Mel Johnson killed in 1965 remains the biggest typical whitetail deer ever taken with a bow. Whitetail Deer Mount, Mounted Whitetail Deer, . Boone & Crockett photo Not many people think of South Dakota when they think of trophy-class mountain goats. All permits and stamps can be purchased from Connecticut's Online Outdoor Licensing System. This provision shall not apply to meat that's de-boned, cleaned skullcaps, hides or taxidermy mounts.. It scored 226" gross score. Notice:Saturday, November 4 through Saturday, November11, 2023 (excluding Sunday) areJunior DeerHunter Training Daysand junior hunters with firearms deer permits may be hunting with firearms. With only six non-typical entries from the state, Don Rockett easily beat out the others with his Person County buck, taken in 1998. agricultural nuisance to valuable game animal. No. Fluorescent Orange- Landowners hunting deer on their own land are not required to wear 400 square inches of fluorescent orange, but their spouses, lineal descendants, parents, grandparents, and siblings are required to do so. The lucky individual and county of origin are unknown, but the largest Kansas typical was found dead in 1999. No deer driving during the shotgun deer lottery season. In the far northwest corner of the state sits a hunters dream. Unique deer seasons are based on equipment used to harvest deer. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Take the typical mule deer taken in 2007, which scored more than 200 points. One of four nontypical bucks taken in the state, this deer goes 201 7/8 inches. Hunting Roadmap Learn how to get started hunting in Connecticut! 11. Centerfire rifle 6mm (.243 caliber) or larger or revolver .357 caliber or larger may be used if the landholding is 10 or more acres and the landowner has authorized use on the consent form. Granted its the only state with tule elk, so it has a lock on those entries, but Columbia blacktail have a solid showing in the records, as do Roosevelts elk. Hunting Hours: hour before sunrise to sunset. And according to the County Search Tool, Hyde County is the hotspot with 58 entries since 1986. Frank Pleskac shot the non-typical record in Hill County in 1968, the 87th largest ever entered. Thats second only to Milo Hansens Canadian monster. One of four, the biggest buck from the smallest state was picked up in 2011. I still get buck fever every time I see the picture of this massive whitetail. It now stands at No. A whitetail deer success story in the Heart of Dixie After intense deer restocking efforts from 1940 to 1960, Alabamas whitetail deer populations went from a few thousand to what could now be nearly two million. With only six typical entries total, Sterling Shaver has the state's largest, with his Wallowa County giant taken in 1982. The Badger State ranked No. Decoys- Decoys may be used during the early and late archery deer seasons, but must be covered with 400 sq. So, you should not purchase a State Land No-Lottery Permit if you plan on applying for a State Land Lottery Permit. With more than a dozen categories and nearly that many species, Wyoming is hard to beat for bison, elk, pronghorn, Shiras moose, mule deer, and even cougars. The other states rank outside the top 20. Areas of the Northeast are some of the most densely populated in the country, and the hunting pressure is often intense. Its not all rainforest, though. In 2022, New York experienced an outbreak, as did Connecticut with more than 80 reports of deer suspected of dying from EHD and lab results confirming it in 4 of Connecticut's 13 deer management zones across the northwestern, south central, and southeastern portions of the state. Not whitetails, right? From 2003-2020, after the one-buck rule was implemented, hunters there entered 683 B&C bucks. Most of those bucks high on the list have come in the 21st century while the top typical bucks entries seem to have fallen off a cliff by the turn of the millennium. Well before that, in 1910, Hill Gould took the state's largest non-typical, in Washington County. Sure enough. Pittman-Robertson (P-R) Program. License and Permits:Archery deer/small game License. And the real wild card is Sumner County, home to an insane non-typical taken by Stephen Tucker in 2016. November day in 1926, Minnesota. ^^No access during Junior Hunter Training Days, except for junior hunters and mentors who have both been awarded a permit for this area. continue reading . Consider this. as terrain, vegetation, location, and deer density. Annual deer harvest typically totals around 200,000 deer, with a few bears and bucks entered into the records each year. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. A few black bears and whitetail deer are running around, too The Palmetto State has more than 350 golf courses, and its estimated to have about twice that number of black bears. Do you want to know a secret in the world of whitetail deer? Estimated Weight On Hoof: 511 pounds. Fritz Janowsky punched a tag on a stud Bradford County buck in 1943, and the typical whitetail is still the state's largest. This region harbors a great population of them. font size, Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. It was shot in 1971. It currently sits at No. tree, wax myrtle, century plant, and narcissus are just a few of the plants that can be To assist a fawn While theyre pronghorn may not be the biggest in the country, there are plenty of entries in the high 80-class. If it's a record holder, you'll find it below, courtesy of Boone and Crockett's Trophy Search. Okay, so thats not entirely true, but if you are a hunter in Massachusetts, you are able to hunt both whitetail deer Get far from Atlantic Citys boardwalk, and youll find a place full of farms and woodland. We really dont know. Criminal (Convictions) Criminal (Pending) Housing Court Cases Filed Before 3/1/16. From: Stekewood. Wrong. Since the 1960s, the state has held a hunt there to manage elk populations. Desert sheep are an option here as are book-worthy mule deer of both the typical and non-typical variety. Hundred of Realtree exclusive tasty wild game recipes. CWP collects hunters' voluntary harvest reports, and estimated 84,000 hunters killed 38,000 deer. Dave Hurteau Need help determining the sex and age of your harvested wild turkey? A lottery is conducted to award a limited number of permits for deer hunting on certain state lands and controlled hunt areas. Replacement Tags- Available for this permit type. William Dooley shot the state's largest non-typical in Prairie County. regulations have been gradually liberalized to deal with the growing herd and increasing If notification is not received by this date, hunters must contact With Rocky Mountain goat, bison, Shiras moose, pronghorn, cougar, black bear, and bighorn sheep, youll be able to find something you can hunt. . ^ No access during Junior Hunter Training Days. Private land shotgun/rifle deer harvest in Deer Management Zones 4A and 4B, 1996-2019 . A few whitetail deer entries round out the county. It's the 9th largest typical of all time. If you want to chase down a trophy cougar or maybe a Shiras moose, then give Idaho a try. All other deer must be reported within 24 hours using the phone or internet. of fluorescent orange from Nov. 15 - Dec. 30. (2023 Harvest Tags and instructions). This isnt to say that New York doesnt have great whitetail deer hunting opportunities, because they do. No Image Found! Having a record buck walk out in front of you isn't something I've ever experienced. Telescopic sights and shotgun converters are permitted for muzzleloaders. The P-R Program provides funding through an excise tax on This confirmation number will serve as proof that you have legally reported your harvest. by Arrowheads:Legal arrowheads for hunting deer and turkey must have at least two blades and must be at least 7/8 inch wide at its widest point. Thoughts of big mulies and elk keep southwestern hunters up at night. 57 overall. Whatever. The largest populations are found in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge (established by early Boone and Crockett members). The type of fence to construct depends on such factors Telescopic sights and shotgun converters are permitted for muzzleloaders. This tiny state and its liberal seasons make it a solid place to fill the freezer It makes sense that the smallest state in the U.S. would have the fewest record-book entries at just four. deer damage problems. Then theres the bighorn ram killed there in 2017. Deer hunting is about many things. Licenseand Permits:Firearms hunting license and a state land lottery permit or a controlled hunt area lottery permit. 63 all time. Sunday is gonna be good. The use of a full-body safety harness when using a tree stand is strongly recommended. That buck is No. Fear not wishful hunter. graceful animal distinguished by conspicuous ears, long legs, and narrow, pointed hooves. While they may be called Canada moose, quite a number of them call the great state of Maine home. Roughly 223,000 Colorado hunters harvested 39,000 elk in 2017, a 17% success rate. two years. The Deer Hunting Roadmaphelps you get started! The typical record is the 70th largest overall and was taken by Kevin C. Miller in Kent County back in 2002. late October and extends through early January. measures. It was taken in New London County. The unbroken stretches of big woods don't make for ideal deer habitat, either. Special Conditions:Junior Deer Hunter Training Dayson Saturday, November 4 through Saturday, November 11, 2023 (excluding Sunday). Terry Daffron took the record typical in Guilford County in 1987. Middletown, CT 06457 Email: [email protected] Bill Foster took a Johnston County buck in 1970 that remains the state's top non-typical to this day. That buck is the 21st largest typical of all time. If whitetails are more your thing, Jackson County just west of Detroit is waiting for you. The massive main frame 12-pointer reportedly green scored 226 6/8 and is possibly the new non-typical archery state record in Connecticut. Unsold lottery permits can be purchasedonlineor at select DEEP offices up until sold out. Theres even an elk entry from 1934, but because they are not considered a game animal today, elk cant be entered into the records. usually born in June. Soap has recently The non-typical record is more recent, but also taken in Sussex County back in 2005 by Keith Lee. It was picked up in Norfolk County in 2004. They're legends. All youths will apply by means of a separate lottery program called Youth Lottery Permits. John Gravelle took the non-typical record well before that, in 1950, in Grafton County. It also has six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties for record-size whitetail. Museum Quality Whitetail Deer Mount, presented by Northeast Taxidermy Studios. In the absence of significant mortality, deer populations can double in size in Quite a few large cougars also make the record-book cut. . Outer two wing feathers of an adult turkey are rounded with barring to the tip. Middle tail feathers are longer than the others on the tail fan of a juvenile turkey. Thats right, Oklahoma stakes claim to the worlds largest peanut, but a quick look at the record book reveals a variety of big game species there for the chasing. If successful, the permit for the area and season will automatically be added to your shopping cart. If you apply as a group, the associated permit will also be added to each group members shopping cart. The permit may be purchased at the time of selection or at a later date. Outer two wing feathers of a juvenile turkey are pointed with no barring to the tip. And check this out. There are average Joe hunts if you take the time to look. planted in areas subject to deer damage. Illinois is also the new home to the largest ever hunter-harvested deer. Callaway County is west of St. Louis, and it has the most entries of any county. If a permit is not purchased by that date, it will be forfeited. high, revealing a white "flag" as the deer bounds off through the woods. After reporting via the internet or by telephone, you will be given a confirmation number to write on your Harvest Tag. For the moment, it sits at the number three spot for all-time non-typical whitetail. Projectiles coated with any drug, poison or tranquilizing substance are prohibited. The hotspot for big deer in the Northwest is western Montana, eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Some deer tags allow the harvest of antlerless deer only. For such a massive state, Texas boasts very little public land. Roaming those sage-covered hillsides, record-book mule deer were quite numerous, especially in the top 20. Bobby Leeman took the other top spot in 1998 with his Park County non-typical, which is the 46th largest overall. The DEEP encourages anyone who observes deer appearing emaciated, behaving strangely, or lying dead along the edge of waterbodies during summerto report the information, along with the closest address, to DEEPs 24-hour Emergency Dispatch Center at860-424-3333, the DEEP Wildlife Division at860-418-5921, or send an email Likewise, the Midwest has four of the five in the non-typical category. And keep an eye out for big bull elk that are a recent transplant. Rocky Mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and mule deer round out this sportsmans paradise. The state archery record is a 188 5/8 buck from Pawnee County which was killed by Gunner Womack of Morrison two years ago. Bears, bears, and bears. The deer population continues to increase, For more than 70 years, Virginias record-book entries have consisted of black bears and whitetail deer. Rest assured that it wont be the last. The numerous laws enacted during this period to protect But they captivate our thoughts. Crossbows are considered loaded when fully drawn with a bolt in place. (Fact sheeton Hemorrhagic Disease fromPennVet Wildlife Futures Program). In fact, their black bears are consistently in the top 100, and they have been since 2000. In 1992, Michael Okray shot the largest non-typical buck, in Cheyenne County. Most hunters who say otherwise aren't being entirely truthful with themselves. So, if you are selected for the deer lottery, you cannot purchase a state land no-lottery permit. Thats nearly 500 more bucks entered in a shorter time span. Civil, Family, Housing, Small Claims. Female fawns born early in spring have the potential to breed by the While hunting for most of these species is limited, once you actually draw (or buy) the tag, you hunt the animal of your dreams. Subscribe to our newsletter and get an extra 10% on your first purchase. Luke Brewster's non-typical, taken in Edgar County, took the world by storm last fall. The current Indiana state record for a typical whitetail is 195 inches, taken by Dave Roberts in 1985. He then slipped in to make the kill. Most recently, the state has seen some massive non-typical American elk enter the record book. Let's start with Connecticut, where hunters got off to a slow start during the first month of archery season.
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