Have sold or given away a few items through the classifieds, will likely do a bit more of that as time allows. Youll know that the objective mirror or lens of your scope has this if the concentric ring pattern looks elliptical rather than circular and its long axis moves through 90 as you move throughthe point of focus. scarpes, mountains, were breathtaking Orion ED80T CF Review on OPT, Images using the Orion ED80T CF with a ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool Camera. But I was getting tired of looking at the same old things thru different scopes only to have them look well, just the same. Expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 US for a new model. My official partner, Ontario Telescope & Accessories has been a huge success. Goodyear had been a regular visitor until 2013 when he was banned for as he put it mouthing off to moderators. I was looking for other ways to see if I could take them out, if I could hack get a botnet or something. He found HackForums.net, said screw it, and signed up. 4.8 Megapixel so it 4 times larger than the 1.2. I spent the night scanning the skies and the review of once patches of fuzz in the sky with my smaller scope are now defined by galaxies and nebulas. Eliminating all of the wires and general complexity is a dream that the EV-Scope and other similar products accomplish, but they always see to suffer from inferior performance. Time is running out to add more exposures to my winter astrophotography projects. This pile has been a treasure trove for the classic telescope folks! Diameter: 73mm There's secretly a smaller telescope hiding inside your refractor, Looking for a companion Refractor to my Orion StarBlast 4.5. If youve got a reflecting telescope, you also need to make sure that its collimated. It is coronagraph that uses a narrow band interference filter. It happens because the outer parts of the mirrors or lenses dont bring light rays to the same point of focus as those hitting the centre. Maybe it should wind up at stellafane somehow, so many people can enjoy such a rare find. This has created a lot of moisture, which means foggy, rainy nights. The Orion ED80 is an extremely popular choice for beginners as it offers high-quality imaging performance at a reasonable price. Focusing is easy on the EVscope and it's not like you have to do it every time. Our club was recently donated a large amount of vintage telescopes, ATM materials, and other items from someone who was really hoarding them. You can also enter objects by Name (ie: Iris Nebula) that may lie outside these two catalogues.. These are caused by air currents inside the scopes tube distorting the view. Telescope users recognize two types of atmospheric seeing: "slow" and "fast." Slow seeing makes stars and planets wiggle and wobble; fast seeing turns them into hazy balls that hardly move. If you didnt know this, its time to get the manual out and learn about it. As to the consistency of the optics and quality control, a sample of one has little statistical validity. I am often asked this question, and the answer is, the one that provides consistent results. Thick stratus, cumulus, or nimbus clouds generally preclude a good star-viewing outing. To carry out a star test you need to observe a bright star with your telescope and a high-magnification eyepiece, looking at the star when its in focus, when its inside focus and when its outside focus. According to a September 2016 screenshot of Goodyears HackForums.net account, the last time he logged in at least under his original username was August 29th. Both the Orion and Explore Scientific 80mm models included a built-in dew shield and 2 dual-speed Crayford style focusers. The amount of content contained within these videos is staggering! And the fact that the court thought that highlights the problem with these types of cases.. There are a lot of features I love about the Z73, but here are the ones that really stand out. resolution and light grasp compared to more professional setups. The tighter your field of view is, the more precise your focus and autoguiding must be. fuzzies stay exactly like that faint.. even in bigger scopes. All it needs to do is track once you manually slew it to a position. Ive begun dabbling in electronically aided astronomy (EAA) which has been an eye opener in its own way, but this is really a neat concept worth considering. aftermarket AP cameras. Some of the items ordered so far include accessories for equipment that is similar to mine. In fact, to spend less time than that on a particular subject now, would seem odd. Prosecutors can bump up the estimated cost of a hack with loosely related expenses, or lowball it if a defendant cooperates. describing it.https://www.youtube.h?v=Ke7mIpw6QIs. What I've noticed on the differences of the 1.2 Vs 1.3 was slightly more darker colors with a bit more detail's in the fainter things.Not night and day but there's a slight more crispness to the pics.especially nebulas.star clusters not a whole lot of difference but something brings out color and tendrils slightly better on the 1.3 in gas clouds.Galaxie's seem to show more definition too. Google Authenticator finally, mercifully adds account syncing for two-factor codes, Apples App Store can stay closed, but developers can link to outside payments, says appeals court, Twitter users are now wondering if mandatory blue checks are illegal, Supreme Court could decide if government officials can block social media users. So something had to give. A small camera tracker such as the iOptron SkyGuider Pro is more than enough. The color correction is on point and Ive not seen any fringing or chromatic aberration in my images. (Plate solving). I would guess it is something like drizzle, a common technique when stacking images. Weight: 12.6 lbs I took it out to the backyard every single clear night I could. The vendor is already implementing upgrades (eg 80mm removable section from OTA tube) and recognizes need to make further improvements in its mechanics (eg 2 twist tight clamp). Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. so it can access your phone or tablet to: Send real time pictures to your enhancement) or enhanced vision (EV) which takes frames every 4 seconds and Light stacking ie: Astrophotography. I dont have words to describe my first view other than wow. The package I purchased back in 2011 included a hard shell carry case, diagonal and an illuminated finder scope. Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass is utilized to avoid chromatic aberration and provide commendable color correction. ?its aimed at a very narrow audience perhaps for those who dont want to do the ground work and prefer shoot and snap kind of scenario,maybe for a $1000 but for half the price you get an larger aperture scope with even an DLSR camera would outperform the evescope. There are always additional frames you can add for a range of exposure times; I currently have files for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minute and 7 1/2 minute exposures and generally for camera temperatures of -10 DegC and -20 DegC. Some telescopes have this aberration usually cheap, poor quality ones making faint objects hard to see. This is useful when the temperature drops at night, and you need to re-focus your target slightly. For many of the refractors listed on this page, a field flattener/reducer (or focal corrector) is recommended to get the most out of the optics. The Justice Department has proven particularly adept at DDoS prosecutions under Trump, prosecuting the Mirai botnets creators and, more recently, the man behind several attacks on major gaming networks. This pile has been a treasure trove for the classic telescope folks! Recommended Field Flattener/Reducer:William Optics FLAT73 The William Optics Zenithstar 73 APO with a 50mm guide scope attached. I told myself I wasn't a collector. This is a wide-field astrophotography telescope that can also be used for visual observations through the eyepiece. The biggest deciding factor between the Explore Scientific ED80 and the Orion 80EDT will likely come down to the accessories included, and customer service from each company. So what do you do when you are bursting to get some imaging done but you do not have clear skies at night? Join our mailing list toget the latest deals and more. If I had of, I may not have considered it money well spent (but then again, that's why CN exists isn't itlol). This story will tell the tale of the ultimate fate of the astrograph. Once it's set, unless things get bumped around - it'll hold. Started by Astrojensen , Apr 27 2023 01:15 PM This is the only telescope on my list that features a helical focuser, like the ones you would find on an expensive telephoto camera lens. It's early days and I'm not grousing about picture quality. The dust and reflected light associated with the Iris Nebula, Back in 2012 when I wrote this post, I had no idea of the dedication needed for astrophotography. I think that maybe it went further than what it should have. But he insisted that he had no hacking expertise and hadnt paid anyone for the attack. Despite the unfriendly weather, the AstroBackyard community continues to grow on Facebook and YouTube. DPAC testing refractors - should I take the plunge? Keeping an expensive telescope polished and in the house is not my style. But I am learning that EEA is an up and coming growth industry, and as a result, the components will get cheaper, better and easier to use. Adam has been imaging much longer than I have and shares his incredible journey to his current skill level. This may seem a backwards way of doing things, but hear me out. But as the case reaches its end, he simply feels bad for everyone involved including Goodyear. Hed created several more accounts since then, and moderators kept banning them. This company has really impressed me in terms of customer support and community involvement. Focal Length: 480mm Before you begin star testing, make sure the telescope has cooled down to the ambient air temperature. Join the conversation nowto find out more about astrophotography and to improve your observation and post-processing skills! They should really just put a bigger sensor in there, but I am not their intended audience anyway. It seems to work really well with auto guiding. Aside its obvious ties to climate change science, solar astronomy is extremely important to our understanding of, and ability to predict flares and coronal mass ejections, which have the potential to devastate modern society (google "Carrington Event"). The best telescope for astrophotography is the one you use the most. "You'll get a nice sharp Milky Way at 30 seconds," says Kerss.. Big aperture, with all the The CFAA makes that number unusually easy to inflate. Today, Bieler finds it insane that a man would nurse a three-year-long grudge against an astronomy forum so bitterly that he would effectively try to bankrupt a company in revenge. For the price to performance it is an excellent option. When asked whether he could make the attacks stop, he said he didnt know [the HackForum members] well enough., We caught Osama bin Laden, right? cheerfully point at your target on the other side of a barn. If people could just step away from their keyboards for five seconds, a lot of this wouldnt happen, he says. The Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae captured using the William Optics RedCat 51. Were just a small family-owned business, and he shut us down essentially for two weeks, Bieler tells The Verge. It was 4" refractor with ingenious way to match the size of the Sun disk which changes during the year to the occulting disks. The Meade 70mm Quadruplet APO is another excellent choice and one that I have had the pleasure of testing myself. If you have a partial sky where stars are visible, point your equipment at one and work on your guiding. Fully integrated package so no Weve described a perfect star test, but this hardly ever happens. Craigslist,eBay and other vintage/classic telescope ads Started by mdowns , Apr 30 2023 10:27 PM No replies to this topic #1 mdowns The agents threatened to start filing search warrants. For technical support of their imaging products, they also run a Google Support Groupfor qualified owners of their products. If you would like to read my Explore Scientific ED80 review, please visit that section of my website for a complete analysis of this telescopes astrophotography performance. I expect many, Continue Reading Why I Built a Backyard ObservatoryContinue, Over the past weekend, I again traveled to my dark sky observing site for some DSLR astrophotography. Even at a smaller scale, they can cause real harm like Goodyears request did to the owners of the Cloudy Nights forum. The Vanois Vespera smart telescope is an ambitious attempt at an all-in-one device for observing the night sky and for astrophotography. At just over 5 lbs., and 310mm in length (retracted), this little telescope can easily fit in a backpack when traveling to a dark sky site. Ill be using this Flattener/Reducer with my Explore Scientific ED102 in an upcoming video. dispute that statement, but please refer to my comment in point a). After all, beginners have enough to learn early on and should have the best telescope possible to avoid an agonizing experience in the dark. To work out which eyepiece will give you this magnification, find the focal length of your telescope and divide it by the focal length of the eyepiece. Update: 10 of the Best Astrophotography Telescopes Available (2022). Often, this is the reason for fluctuations in price between models with similar specifications. There is a large emphasis on affordability and value on my list. I wouldn't be surprised if future updates of their APP will provide either more targets, or the facility to enter coordinates directly. to make their scope more AP friendly for those that want to have more control. That GOTO system does not care about obstacles, it will Historical classic or antique scope threads and links, Classic Telescopes in TV, Hollywood and Movies, Craigslist,eBay and other vintage/classic telescope ads. Well, here are a few things I do to take advantage of this kind of situation.My first choice is to take a healthy dose of calibration frames, specifically dark frames, and add them to my dark library collection. the target. If youre testing a mirror, reducing its aperture by placing a circular ring of card about 5mm wide over the end of the scope will help you detect the presence of an optical fault known as a turned-down edge. Visual observers will find it more than adequate, but for heavier imaging configurations, a robust focuser is an absolute must. If you havent photographed a reflection nebula before, you are in for a real treat. I remember articles in the British Astronomical Society Journal about amateur made coronagraphs with an interference filter to view proms from around the same time Also at about the same time in Sky and Telescope their were ads for a Skyspear interference filters of H-alpha solar observing so the idea is not unique to this telescope. The Sharpstar 94EDPH turns out to be a competent instrument and a good value for its $1495 asking price. This scopes small size and weight means that it will get plenty of use both visually and photographically. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights. The Orion ED80T CF is very similar to the Explore Scientific 80mm Apo. Attaching a file of the ad for the scope, can upload photos if that is helpful. A freeware program such as K3CCDTools can extract images from a webcam movie file so you can grab the images quickly when, for instance, the sky briefly clears during a night of passing cloud. CloudyNights.com is dedicated to provide a forum where you can ask your questions or provide answers based on your experience, and perhaps most importantly, the site publishes . If youre looking for a telescope ready for winter for your DSLR then definitely consider a Skywatcher Evostar Pro 80ED. AstroFarsography, Diameter: 51mm like a regular GOTO where you tell the scope where it is on the face of the EVscope navigates by comparing star fields to its internal maps. Whos Afraid of a Phantom: Istar Phantom 140mm F/6.5, that is? This was the telescope that allowed me to capture my first long-exposure deep-sky images including the Orion Nebula, North America Nebula, and the great Andromeda Galaxy. Speaking of aperture, this 73mm telescope clocks in at F/5.9 which means that it collects light respectably fast in terms of a telescope. If you compare the prices of these telescopes to a telephoto camera lens, they are actually quite affordable. It is very stable even with my C14. First things first. Cloudy Nights Community - Classifieds Section. Reports are that Unistellar is working on upgrades Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. Entry-level mounts such as the Celestron AVX or the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro have no problem carrying this telescopeand all necessary astrophotography gear. Focal Ratio: f/5.9 The inclusion of the accessories you need to get started may ultimately be the deciding factor of which telescope you choose. Cloudy nights isn't just a popular astrophotography forum website, it's the current state of the weather in my area. (would His visitors seemed mildly amused by the forum drama, and he chatted with them about his $100,000 telescope collection before they left.